About Us

Shiloh Developing LLC was developed by Shawn Mallin in 1998. This Florida Corporation specialized in purchasing property single family, multifamily and commercial development in the local panhandle area.

At its inception, Shiloh Developing Company LLC set out to become a local property improvement and development company, however, finding subcontractors with the same customer service standards and financial integrity was difficult.Thus, the full service Shiloh Construction LLC (Shiloh) was formed in 2003 with a retention of the subcontractors, architects,engineers and other professionals who shared the same standards of excellence as did Shiloh.

I discovered that the true niche for Shiloh was visioning the design and build of projects to the unique speci fications of each customer at a price and quality consistent with and often better than any competitor in the market. My vision is that the customer needs to be involved and I welcome customer involvement every step of the way as Shiloh turns your vi sion into reality. Shiloh builds exceptional quality custom and speculative homes throughout the Florida panhandle with a special focus on you and your needs.


Shiloh features a Florida state certified Contractors License of Class “A” General Contractor # CGC 1517288

A Class “A” certified contractor is a professional who possesses a certificate of competency issued by the Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR) who can contract in any jurisdiction in the state without being required to fulfill the competency requirements of that jurisdiction. A CGC general contractor is a contractor whose services are unlimited as to the scope and size of the construction project.

Shiloh is a turn key company which can provide architectural designs, drawings, and all interface with regulatory agencies. Shiloh can contract a wide array of building projects from something as small as a deck to as large as a sizable commercial building.

There are many keys to our success and our overall professionalism. They include the following:

Communication: I am quick to inform clients of information they need to make decisions. I am never disturbed when clients feel the need to communicate with me. I return all phone calls a promptly as possible.

Attention to Detail: All projects are carefully planned and scheduled, mindful of the fact there will always be some changes. Completing projects on time and at, or under, budget in my standard. Completing projects ahead of schedule, under budget and without corrections is the goal.

Employees: I employ a close and diverse core of tradesmen and use subcontractors only when required. The use of primarily employees provides additional control and efficiency. My employees are a group of energetic and committed professionals with complementary skills. They are experienced in the trades we perform internally which include electrical, plumbing, air conditioning, carpentry, roofing, trim, exterior finishes, paving and landscaping. There are few job titles. It is an all for one and one for all environment where the only important issue is getting the job done to the standards discusses above.

Finances: The timely payment of subcontractors and suppliers is our standard. A strong balance sheet and bank lines of credit (LOC) give Shiloh stability and market power.

Regulatory Standards: Any of the regulatory agencies such as DBPR, Better Business Bureau, Chamber of Commerce, etc would have high ratings for Shiloh.

Latest Info

Shiloh Construction ensures prompt and immediate payment to all subcontractors and suppliers on invoices and statements. All lien releases and documents are available upon owner's request. We strive to maintain a good professional and friendly business relationship with all subcontractors and suppliers thereby allowing us to insure all owners receive the best available prices. The following temporary facilities and controls are standard for all Shiloh Construction job sites